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See also: Eclampsia
See also: Hypertension in pregnancy
See also: Chronic hypertension in pregnancy

Mild preeclampsia, defined after the 20th week of pregnancy by
     BP greater than 140/90
     Proteinuria greater then 0.3g/24hr
     Dependent and non-dependent edema is often seen, though not necessary for diagnosis and common in pregnancy
Severe preeclampsia, defined by
     BP greater than 160/110
     Proteinuria greater than 5g/24h
     Pulmonary edema
     Elevated liver enzymes
     Possibly pulmonary edema
     Liver involvement
          Centrilobular necrosis of liver
          Hematoma formation
          Formation of thrombi in the portal capillary system
               RUQ pain due to swelling of liver
     Bed rest