Mitral regurgitation
Posted by dkwinter

See also: Murmurs
May be caused by
     Progression/worsening of mitral valve prolapse
     Myocardial infarction with papillary muscle ischemia and/or papillary muscle rupture causing secondary MR
          Classically, this is caused by posteroseptal MIs, due to the solitary blood supply of the posterior medial papillary muscle, but it can occur with anterolateral MIs as well
     Bibasilar crackles (among other signs of pulmonary edema)
     Short systolic murmur that is decrease with squatting
          Should reveal floppy mitral valve
          May eventually reveal enlarged L atrial size (chronic MR only)
     Measurement of pulmonary capillary wedge pressure with a Swan-Ganz catheter would reveal increased pressure in the L atrium