Peripheral Artery Disease Testing
Posted by dkwinter

Selected Practice Points

  • Usually, patients with PAD do not need a test or revascularization procedure
  • Do not suggest a test that will not change a patient's clinical course.


Good Indicators for testing

  • Rest pain (pain in feet, especially when legs are elevated in bed)
  • Tissue loss (ulcers/sores on the feet that will not heal or a toe that is blue or black and may hurt)
  • Severe claudication (leg pain while walking severe enough to limit lifestyle or work)


Bad Indicators for testing (can lead to over-testing)

  • Mild claudication (leg pain with exercise that stops when at rest)
  • Leg cramps
  • Raynaud's Phenomenon
  • Digital cyanosis
  • Absent peripheral pulses
  • Family history with no symptoms


Adapted from Choosing Wisely NL Practice Points Volume 3 (2018)