Rochester Criteria for low risk of serious bacterial infection in febrile infants
Posted by dkwinter

To be considered low risk all criteria must be met:


  • Infant appears well (no signs of toxicity)


  • No skin, soft tissue, bone, joint, or ear infection


  • Previously health infant
    • Term birth
    • No perinatal antibiotic therapy
    • No history of unexplained hyperbilirubinemia
    • No previous or current antibiotic therapy
    • Not previously hospitalized except for birth (not hospitalized for longer than the mother)
    • No chronic or underlying illness


  • Laboratory values
    • Peripheral WBC count of 5000-15,000/mm^3
    • Total band count of <1500/mm^3
    • <=10 WBC/hpf (x40) on microscopic examination of spun urine sediment
    • <=5 WBC/hpf (x40) on microscopic examination of a stool smear (in infants with diarrhea)