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     Atrial arrhythmias (+/- heart failure)
     Ventricular tachycardia (+/- heart failure)
5 common side effects of amiodarone:
     1. Pulmonary toxicity: Amiodarone lung toxicity is associated with total cumulative dose rather than serum drug levels. The longer the patient uses amiodarone, the greater the chance of pulmonary fibrosis developing.
     2. Thyroid dysfunction: Hypothyroidism is more commonly seen (85%), but hyperthyroidism can occur as well (15%). Since thyroid dysfunction is so common with amiodarone, patients should have TSH levels checked before starting treatment, and also at 3-4 month intervals thereafter.
     3. Hepatotoxicity: Up to 25% experience transient elevations of aminotransferase levels. This is usually asymptomatic, though the drug should be stopped if elevations greater than 2-fold are seen.
     4. Corneal deposits: Amiodaron is secreted by the lacrimal gland. Vision is not usually affected. Development of corneal deposits does not necessitate drug discontinuation.
     5. Skin changes: Some patients develop a blue-grray skin discoloration, typically most prominent on the face.

     Preexisting lung disease