Treatment Contract for patients treated with opioids
Posted by dkwinter

Treatment Contract

  • It is important to ensure that your patient is making an informed decision before initiating treatment. Consider a written contract
  • A written treatment agreement is useful in defining the roles and responsibilities of the patient and the treatment team
  • The agreement between the patient and the physician, psychiatrist, or pharmacist should include written commitments from all parties and the patient’s informed consent


Every treatment agreement should define or describe the following elements:

  • Objectives, expectations, and conditions of treatment
  • Patient/physician/pharmacist responsibilities
  • Monitoring procedure
  • Procedure for missed doses
  • Procedure for take-home doses or “carries” on weekends/holidays
  • Unacceptable behaviours
  • Procedure if incarcerated or hospitalized
  • Consequences of non-adherence
  • Reasons to contact patient
  • Reasons to contact physician/pharmacist
  • Limits on patient confidentiality