DIY Wart Removal Patient Handout
Posted by dkwinter

Download handout as PDF (255 KB)


  1. Apply a Vaseline loop around the wart (use product shown, which squeezes out uniformly)
  2. Fill the loop with 17% salicylic acid gel (the Compound W product shown)
  3. Place a large band-aid straight down onto the wart with as little side-to-side movement as possible
  4. Leave in place for about 12 hours
  5. Remove bandage and wash the area with soap and water
  6. Repeat for 7-14 days depending on the location and depth of the wart
  7. Eventually the skin will turn white and become cracked around the edges of the wart
  8. If the white skin is mostly loose you can peel it away but avoid attempting to do so too soon as any healthy living skin you damage can become newly infected with the wart virus