Typical St. Clare's admission & post-op orders
Posted by dkwinter

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date and time
admit to gen surg/ortho/medicine under dr x
diet (npo, cf, ff, dat, cardiac diet, diabetic diet, renal diet)
activity (aat)
weight-bearing (FWBAT, PWB, TTWB, NWB)
vitals qNh
blood type and screen
blood cross and hold 2/4 units
withdrawl checks per protocol
  accurate ins/outs
  foley straight to drain
  chest tube -20 mmHg
  ng to low continuous suction
     replace losses 1:1 with NS+20mEq KCl or LR qShift
     pantoloc 40 mg IV OD
incentive spirometry
patients own meds
heparin 5000U sc bid/tid*   (TID if high clot risk e.g. cancer)
   only hold if patient actively bleeding
   cbc, LBCs, LFTs, INR/PTT
   cxr pa/lat
   blood c+s
   urine r&m and c&s
service consults
   social work, pt, ot, dietician


if Total knee replacement
     FWBAT (full weight bearing as tolerated)
     PT/OT referral
     Vital signs routine
     O2 to keep sats >90%
     IV NS at __cc/hr. Heploc WDW (when drinking well)
     CBC & LBC POD #1 & 3
     Debulk dressing POD 1
     Change dressing POD 5, then q2days PRN
     Removal of staples (ROS) POD #14
     X-ray (L or R) knee in recovery
     Foley SD
     D/C foley in AM then Foley in/out q6h PRN


if Total hip replacements/hip fracture surgery
     Dx: L or R THA
     Weight bearing status
     Removal of staples POD 10
     X-ray R or L hip in recovery room
     foley plan as for knee above