Carotid Artery Testing for Stroke Prevention following TIA
Posted by dkwinter

​Some secondary strokes are preventable in patients with carotid artery territory TIA because early carotid revascularization is efficacious in symptomatic patients with critical carotid stenosis.


Patients with carotid territory TIA need either carotid artery ultrasound or CT angiogram within 24 hours.


Good Indicators for testing (suggestive of carotid territory disease)

  • Unilateral weakness of face/arm/leg
  • Speech disturbance (aphasia and/or dysarthria)
  • Monocular visual loss (Amaurosis Fugax), or loss of one visual field (Homonymous Hemianopia)


Bad Indicators for testing

  • Syncope
  • Headache
  • Tinnitus
  • Carotid bruit
  • Pain
  • Generalized weakness


Adapted from Choosing Wisely NL Practice Points Volume 3 (2018)