Glasgow Coma Scale GCS Calculator for Adults and Peds
Posted by dkwinter

Best Eye Response
Spontaneous (+4)
To verbal command (+3)
To pain (+2)
No eye opening (+1)

Best Verbal Response
Adult: Oriented (+5)
Peds: Appropriate words or social smiles, fixes and follows (+5)
Adult: Confused conversation (+4)
Peds: Cries but consolable (+4)
Adult: Inappropriate words (+3)
Peds: Persistently irritable (+3)
Adult: Incomprehensible sounds (+2)
Peds: Restless, agitated (+2)
No verbal response (+1)

Best Motor Response
Obeys commands (+6)
Localizes pain (+5)
Withdraws from pain (+4)
Flexion to pain (decorticate posturing) (+3)
Extension to pain (decerebrate posturing) (+2)
No movement (flaccid) (+1)
GCS score: