Pediatric Emergency Drug Card, Tube Sizes and Reference Vitals
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Specific weight based references (from Academic Life in Emergency Medicine)

"This data was collected by merging data from the Broselow tape and PEMSoft.

  • I created 30 individual cards for patients weighing between 5 kg and 34 kg. 
  • I didn’t include whether endotracheal tubes should be cuffed or uncuffed. This is controversial currently. The traditional teaching is that patients younger than 8 years old should receive UNcuffed tubes.
  • D10W glucose should be given in patients younger than 1 year old. D25W glucose should be given for patients 1-2 years old. D50W glucose can be given to patients 2 years and older.
  • Please use these cards with caution. I’ve proof-read these cards multiple times, but there still may be some typos. Please let me know if you see any discrepancies."