Hepatitis C screening
Posted by dkwinter

The Canadian Liver Foundation Recommends screening ALL adults born between 1945-1975 and those with risk factors.

Hepatitis C risk factors

  • Illicit injection or intranasal drug use or shared drug paraphernalia (past or present)
  • Born or resident in a region where hepatitis C is more common (i.e.: Central, East and South Asia; Australasia and Oceania; Eastern Europe; Sub-Saharan Africa; and North Africa/Middle East)
  • Blood, blood products or an organ transplant before July 1990 in Canada
  • Needle stick involving hepatitis C positive blood
  • Signs of liver disease (i.e.: abnormal liver enzyme tests) or other infectious diseases (i.e.: hepatitis B, HIV, etc.)
  • Kidney/hemodialysis treatment
  • Children born to hepatitis C positive mothers
  • Tattoos or body piercings
  • Risky sexual activity (i.e.: multiple partners, traumatic or rough sex, etc.)
  • Shared personal care items with someone who has Hepatitis C (i.e.: razors, toothbrush, etc.)