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Impairs Vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of factors II, VII, IX, X, C, S and Z.
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     Anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation
     Reduces risk of embolic stroke in atrial fibrillation. Goal INR 2-3 in patients with CHADS2 >=2.
     Secondary prevention of MI in patients with known CAD
     Typically preceded by heparin for 3 or 4 days to allow the warfarin to become therapeutic and prevent initial hypercoagulability due to decrease in protein C
     1 tab, 2-10 mg PO daily, start low and go slow, follow INR
     Liver. CYP450.
     Urine T1/2 20-60 hrs, highly variable
     Teratogenic. Pregnancy class X. Period of sensitivity is 4-6 weeks.
          Fetal Warfarin syndrome includes many deformities including heart defects.
     Can see short-term hypercoagulability due to decrease of Protein C, which is anticoagulating -> develop thrombotic occlusion of microvasculature -> "warfarin-induced skin necrosis"