Blood Alcohol Concentration Elimination Calculator
Posted by dkwinter

Usual rate of serum ethanol (EtOH) level decline/metabolism/elimination once intake has stopped:

  • 0.015-0.020 g/dL/h
  • 0.15-0.2 g/L/h
  • 3.0-4.3 mmol/L/h        (use 3.0 mmol/L/hour in estimations/calculations)
    • Legal limits <17 mmol/L
    • Toxic >60 mmol/L

When level declining, recheck when anticipated to be 17 mmol/L and then do clinical impairment screening. Very important when considering safety for discharge, especially if being discharged alone or for medical "clearance" prior to psychiatry consult.


Ethanol Elimination Rate Calculator

Starting level (BAC, %): e.g. 0.08
Starting level (mg/dL): e.g. 80
Starting level (mmol/L): e.g. 17.4