Urea to creatinine ratio calculator for SI units
Posted by dkwinter

Very useful for US-trained physicians who want to calculate the familiar BUN/Cr ratio but using SI inputs.

Urea/Creatinine Ratio Calculator

Urea level (mmol/L): OR
Urea level (mg/dL):

Creatinine level (umol/L): OR
Creatinine level (mg/dL):

Conventional urea/creatinine ratio (mg/dL)/(mg/dL): N.b. Consider prerenal causes of kidney injury when BUN/Cr >20

SI urea/creatinine ratio (mmol/L)/(umol/L):


More notes:

  • Low BUN/Creat ratio can be caused by:
    • inadequate protein intake
    • reduced urea synthesis as in advanced liver disease
    • increased creatinine production as in rhabdomyolysis



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