INR targets for patients with mechanical heart valves 2015 ACCP and ACC AHA guidelines
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Regarding Antiplatelet therapy:

"Subsequent studies have shown the addition of aspirin to VKA therapy in patients with mechanical valves leads to reduction in risk of thromboembolism and mortality when compared to VKA therapy alone (65% observed risk reduction in major systemic embolism or death in the aspirin plus VKA group).16,17 The addition of at least 50 to 75 mg/day of aspirin is, therefore, recommended in the current ACC/AHA and ACCP guidelines for all patients with mechanical valves, though consideration must be given to an individual patient's bleeding risk."



Regarding bioprosthetic valve replacements:

"The optimal antithrombotic regimen and duration after placement of a bioprosthetic device is less clear."

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