ACLS megacode bare bones review
Posted by dkwinter


  • If VF/pVT->compressions, defibrillate (200J), give epi then amio
  • If PEA->compressions, give epi


  • Brady
    • if stable->atropine
    • If unstable->pacing, if pacing doesn't work then epi or dopamine infusion
  • Tachy
    • if stable->vagal maneuvers then try adenosine if not wide and irregular (could be AF with WPW)
    • if unstable->cardiovert (50-100J if narrow regular, 100J if wide regular, 120-200J if narrow irregular)


  • If low GCS then intubate, ventilate (target SpO2 >=94%)
  • Monitor waveform capnography
  • Give fluid bolus if SBP <90 mmHg
  • Get EKG->if STEMI or high suspicion of AMI then contact cath lab
  • If not following commands then Targeted Temperature Management (TTM)