Hypertensive urgency & emergency
Posted by dkwinter

Hypertensive urgency

  • BP >=180/120 with NO symptoms except possibly isolated headache
  • Manage with oral meds, follow up in hours to days
  • Nifedipine IR 10 mg PO usually causes BP to drop within 10-20 minutes, may then switch to extended release


Hypertensive emergency

  • BP>=180/120 with symptoms
    • visual changes (retinal hemorrhages/exudates, papilledema)
    • malignant nephrosclerosis (hematuria, proteinuria, ARF)
    • cerebral edema
    • SAH
    • signs of elevated ICP (headache, nausea, vomiting, altered LOC, seizures, coma)
  • Manage immediately with parental meds