Framingham risk score calculator
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For estimation of 10-year Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk to aid in decision to initiate lipid-lowering therapy.


Framingham Risk Score (FRS) Calculator

Gender: Male   Female
Age (years):
Total cholesterol (mmol/L):
HDL (mmol/L):
Diabetic: Yes   No
Smoker: Yes   No
Systolic BP (mmHg):
On antihypertensive medication: Yes   No
Statin-indicated conditions
Clinical atherosclerosis: Yes   No
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: Yes   No
Diabetes mellitus & age ≥40 Yes   No
Diabetes mellitus & microvascular disease: Yes   No
T1DM for ≥15 years & age ≥30: Yes   No
Age ≥50 and CKD (eGFR ≤60 or ACR ≥3): Yes   No
For modified FRS
Positive family history of premature cardiovascular disease in a first-degree relative before 55 years of age for men and before 65 years of age for women: Yes   No
Total FRS points:





Reference: Framingham Risk Score Worksheet by Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS)  PDF [780 KB]