Risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease
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Risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

CHD risk equivalents

(same risk as patients with established coronary artery disease or prior MI)

  • Noncoronary atherosclerotic disease (e.g. carotid stenosis, PAD, AAA)
  • DM
  • CKD
CHD risk factors 
  • Age, especially:
    • >50 in males 
    • postmenopausal females
  • Male gender
  • Family history of CHD in a first-degree relative of age
    • <50 (men)
    • <60 (women)
  • HTN*
  • DL*
  • Cigarette smoking*
  • Obesity*

*critical reversible risk factors



MI=myocardial infarction

AAA=abdominal aortic aneurysm

PAD=peripheral arterial disease

DM=diabetes mellitus

CKD=chronic kidney disease