Subacute enteritis with mild CT findings
Posted by dkwinter

Clinically stable

  • Can tolerate at least PO fluids without vomiting
  • Pain manageable with PO meds


Benign exam

  • Normal vitals
  • Focal abd tenderness, no rebound tenderness


Non-specific Abd series

  • No pneumoperitoneum
  • No pathologic air-fluid levels


Mild findings on Contrast-enhanced CT

  • No SBO
  • Only mild focal thickening/adjacent stranding
  • No other abnormality


No inflammatory findings on bloodwork

  • Normal CRP
  • Normal WBC



  • Solucortef 250 mg IV then prednisone taper x 10/7
  • Flagyl 500 mg IV then 500 mg po tid x 10/7
  • Cipro 400 mg IV then 500 mg bid x 10/7
  • Outpatient CT enterogram